All our plumbers carry two different sizes of drain clearing machines to ensure they can get down the biggest and the smallest of drains.

The small drain machine is ideal for clearing grime and hair from waste pipes at basins, baths, kitchen sinks and laundry troughs, etc.

Or sometimes these drains just need to be plunged clear.

The large drain machine is perfect for clearing blockages located in the larger sewer lines of your property.

The most common cause of these blocked drains is tree root infestation.


Tree roots can strangle and crack old-style clay (or Earthenware) drains and grow into them causing severe damage and blockages.

These days, sewer drains are made from PVC, a strong plastic which is impenetrable by tree roots.


Our specialist technician and drain expert is also fully equipped with a drain camera.

This camera allows our technician to see what is going on in your drains and assess the area and extent of the problem.

With this information, Plumbest can provide a free, no obligation quote and/or action plan to permenantly rectify the problem.


If you would like to know more about your drains or need urgent relief of a blockage, give us a call today.